Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabin Fever

I swear if I am snowed in on any more of my off days I am going to scream! Do you have season depression like I do? The snow and cold are OK for like a week.

Needless to say I am dreaming of an exotic beach locale, wearing a Marc Jacobs navy and white polka dot mini dress and sipping a refreshing cocktail. Spring and summer can't be here quick enough.

And since this blog's primary focus is supposed to be on the bags, here are a few to make you excited for warmer weather.

Burberry Ikat Tote, $595.00
Jimmy Choo rafia hobo, $995 (I saw a photo of Demi carrying this bag!)

LL Bean zip top Boat and Tote $30 with monograming (monograming is a must for this bag!)