Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just say no to Juicy!

I so badly want to intervene when I see a grown woman carrying or wearing items with JUICY plastered all over them. It is neither sexy nor sophisticated and where is this woman's mother to tell her "no"? Now, I'm not saying I am perfect, I am sure on certain days someone would find me a hot mess, but really, do you think that a rhinestone encrusted terry cloth bag is doing anything for you? I'm sorry to break the news to you but it isn't. I do not judge you for wearing those short shorts with words plastered on your derrière, I honestly want to help you! I too was once guilty. In 4th grade I had some sweet grey sweatpants I got at Velva Sheen with my name across the backside and an iron-on panda bear decal on the lower left pant leg . Yes, I have made fashion mistakes, I grew up in the 80s for heaven's sake!

In the meantime, another great read about style, elegance and reasons not to get plastic surgery (though a little Botox didn't really hurt anyone, well it did, but you get what I mean).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Burberry: So much more than plaid and a trench

Lately I am on a Burberry kick. Not only do I want a cape in addition to about a zillion other pieces of outerwear in their amazing collection, I am dying to try one of the perfect pink shades of lipstick from their new make-up line that launched last week (find it online at Nordstrom).

It is no secret that Christopher Bailey (former director of Womenswear at Gucci during the Tom Ford years) is taking the 153 year old company to a new level by updating classics such as the trench, making them modern and covetable by many. I know he makes ME excited about clothes again since I find many of the designs wearable but with an edge. Clearly he is doing something right; despite the recession Burberry revenue rose by over 20%! His choice of Emma Watson as the face of the brand is genius.

Now for the bags! We have received a lot of Burberry over the past two weeks and more is scheduled to arrive in the upcoming weeks. The feedback has been positive as a few styles in the Smoked Check have gone out the door. Personally I am digging the Parsons bag in House Check, a hobo style with a great shape and a funky belted detail. I find many of the bags we carry in the Nova Check motif to be a little too perfect for my taste. Our nylon totes are a great alternative for the girl who wants to stand out in a sea of Le Pilage. The price point is higher, but I find the the north/south shape is more flattering to most body types and the fabric drapes better. Other new styles have arrived in sturdy buffalo leather (Lambeth and Langley), a lambskin and patent (Eastmore). We are patiently waiting for the nova bags with the studded details. It might be a bit much for some of our customers, but time will tell.